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Relax with True Lavender

Aromatic oil with English Lavender is great for use in aromatherapy. The active ingredients released in true lavender essential oil will calm and relax you. You will be prepared for the new challenges of a fast-paced life while remaining alert and calm.


Why should your workplace smell like true lavender?

Already ancient and medieval physicians were aware of the positive effects of some plants on our consciousness and cognitive abilities. Among them was always true lavender (Lavandula Angustifolia).

Modern science bases its findings on more or less extensive research.

True lavender, with its many positive effects on the body, is one of the more popular plants that scientists are researching in their research.


A 2003 study showed that the smell of real lavender in the workplace improves mood and increases productivity and concentration in the workplace.


Another study from 1999 exposed the test subjects to the smell of real lavender while solving math problems, and then they were solved in an odorless and jasmine-smelling room.

108 test subjects made fewer errors in the presence of true lavender odor than in the other two cases.


How can you improve your work environment today?


All you need is an evaporator or diffuser and the essential oil of real lavender (Lavandula Angustifolia)

Of course, make sure that the oil is really right, otherwise it will smell nice, but there will be no effect.

If the well-being of you and your co-workers improves, suggest to the employer to improve your well-being and productivity with real lavender.

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