When buying three Blue Hill products
you receive a bouquet of lavender as a GIFT *

The action lasts from 15 October 2021 to 31 December 2021. The gift is a bouquet of true lavender 25g

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for all purchases over € 20


awarded with recognitions from international competitions



true lavender fields



BIO real lavender hydrolate is 100% natural and 100% Slovenian product, chosen by more than 1000 users.

Get to know its positive effects and join our family of satisfied users.

opinion of satisfied users

"I adore lavender and its products, and to me personally the products are great. The hydrolate and oil are great, smell nice and are nicely lubricating. And the tea is just soothing."

— Tanja


Organic certified true lavender

Produced with a love of nature

In 2020, Blue Hill true lavender plantation also received official confirmation of our work. We have been working with the plantation according to ecological standards from the very beginning, and the organic certificate provides you, dear users, with confirmation that the plantation has been treated in accordance with the rules.


Blue Hill lavender products are natural and organic cosmetics and food products with true lavender, which now, in addition to top quality, have one more reason why they should not be missing in your home.

Proven quality

6x gold in the international evaluation

The gold awards from this year's evaluation confirm our efforts to achieve the highest quality. They are an incentive for further work and a desire for even better quality.


with less stress and more concentration

Live full and relaxed

The fast pace of life, high expectations and demands expose us to excessive stress, which negatively affects our health. With Blue Hill premium products, we will be more focused and ready for new challenges.