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Irritated and red skin is a thing of the past

This pure lavender extract is indispensable in daily skin care due to its cleansing and nourishing effects.


Impure, irritated and reddish skin makes him especially happy, as it soothes the skin and evens out its complexion.

Because the pH of the hydrolate is close to that of the skin, it does not upset the natural balance.

How can you use lavender hydrolat?

- as a face tonic

- aftershave skin care

The hydrolate will soothe your skin and prevent redness and itching

- skin care after sunbathing

ensures that the skin is moisturized, and with a mild redness provides a nice brown color

- scalp care

dandruff and itchy scalp are a thing of the past with regular use of hydrolate. The hydrolate helps to remove dead skin and impurities, so the scalp skin is not irritated.


Natural care with true lavender

The skin is our largest organ and our first contact with the world, so it is very important what we feed it. For perfect care, choose Blue Hill products. Skin care with products made from organic lavender cleanses and nourishes your skin in a natural way.

All our products are excellent for the care of dry and sensitive skin, restoring its healthy appearance, softness and suppleness.

For hair and scalp care, choose lavender hydrolat, which will stimulate hair growth and strengthen your scalp, in addition to restoring shine to hair and removing dandruff.


Cleans, nourishes and

rejuvenates the skin

Organic lavender hydrolat is obtained by steam distillation of fresh flowers of true lavender from the Blue Hill plantations in Topolšica. It is a great solution for the care of sensitive, impure and mature skin. Organic lavender hydrolat hydrates, nourishes and rejuvenates the skin.


The unbound olive oil in the soap ensures that the skin is soft and supple even after washing.


Nourish your skin with minerals and vitamins contained in vegetable oils.

Bio lavender hydrolat

Lavandula Angustifolia

Hydrolat or flower water and essential oil are products formed by steam distillation of fresh lavender flowers. The hydrol