Natural care with
true lavender

The skin is our largest organ and our first contact with the world, so it is very important what we feed it with. For perfect care, choose Blue Hill products. Skin care with products made from organic real lavender cleanses and nourishes your skin in a natural way.

All our products are excellent for the care of dry and sensitive skin, which restores its healthy appearance, softness and suppleness.

For hair and scalp care, choose real lavender hydrolate, which will stimulate hair growth and strengthen your scalp, in addition to restoring shine to hair and removing dandruff.


Cleans, nourishes and

rejuvenates the skin

Organic lavender hydrolat is obtained by steam distillation of fresh flowers of true lavender from the Blue Hill plantations in Topolšica. It is a great solution for the care of sensitive, impure and mature skin. Organic lavender hydrolat hydrates, nourishes and rejuvenates the skin.


The unbound olive oil in the soap ensures that the skin is soft and supple even after washing.


Nourish your skin with minerals and vitamins contained in vegetable oils.

Bio lavender hydrolat

Lavandula Angustifolia

Hydrolat or flower water and essential oil are products formed by steam distillation of fresh lavender flowers. The hydrolat contains water-soluble aromatic substances and plant active ingredients. Hydrolates are an important medicinal material and have an extremely wide range of uses. We use them in cosmetics, skin care products and when essential oils would be too harsh for our skin.

Skin and hair

As it acts as an antiseptic, it is welcome in all skin problems, including acne, eczema, insect bites and burns. Lavender hydrolat is gentle and regulates all skin types, cools in the summer heat, relieves sunburn and heals minor abrasions and cuts faster. Gently and safely cleanses and tones oily, dry and mature skin. It is used to cleanse and soften the skin of the face and hair. Stimulates hair growth and strengthens them. It is also very useful as an analgesic and anti-swelling compress in case of insect bites.


Mental well-being

In the psychic realm, true lavender hydrolat relaxes and revitalizes. Eliminates headaches, stress and mental exhaustion. It also soothes children. After bathing, they can be lubricated with this hydrolat or added directly to the bath. A spoon or two will suffice.



Lavender hydrolate has a beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal tract. It can be used for gargling with vocal cord problems. It is also useful as an ingredient in lotions and creams to relieve rheumatism and to clean wounds.


Lavender soap

for gentle skin cleansing

The basis of our lavender soap is olive oil, which is nourishing for our skin, and coconut oil gives the soap the necessary cleansing power to really cleanse our skin after washing. The special feature of this soap is that it is superfat, which means that approx. 8% of the fat is unbound, so the soap leaves the skin soft and protected after washing. True lavender hydrolat provides additional soothing to the skin and restores its elasticity, while the essential oil provides a gentle lavender aroma.

Due to its gentle action, it is suitable for cleansing both the face and the body.

Lavender Body Oil

nourish your skin with rich vegetable oils

Body oil with true lavender combines natural vegetable oils and essential oil of true lavender from our fields. The combination of oils keeps your skin nourished and moisturized, and it also smells intoxicating.


Almond oil moisturizes and nourishes the skin. It contains a lot of minerals, vitamins A, B and E, and essential acids.
Avocado oil is high in nutrients, essential fatty acids, magnesium and vitamins. It helps to regenerate the skin, strengthens its functions and protects it.
Jojoba oil is rich in vitamin E and acts as an antioxidant. In addition, jojoba also contains B complex vitamins and minerals chromium, copper and zinc.
The essential oil of true lavender from our fields will provide additional soothing to your skin. In addition to the honey aroma, the essential oil of true lavender also helps in skin regeneration.


When can you use it?


Daily skin care after showering.
After showering, dry the skin with a towel and spread a thin layer of oil all over the body. Apply it in circular motions for faster absorption. For an even better washing effect, use Blue Hill soap with lavender extracts and true lavender hydrolat.


The oil also works great for massages. The oil is nicely lubricated, and everyone you massage with this oil will be relaxed and the skin will be grateful for all the nutrients.


Skin care after sunbathing
For skin care after sunbathing, we recommend that you start the care with Blue Hill lavender hydrolat, which will hydrate and soothe your skin, as well as have a cooling and anti-inflammatory effect. Apply it with a spray all over the body and wait for it to dry, then spread a thin layer of nourishing oil all over the body.


Pregnant belly care
It is also excellent for the care of the pregnant belly as it ensures that the skin remains elastic and prevents the formation of stretch marks.