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Do you feel the power of nature?
In our search for a connection with nature, we are constantly discovering its incredible power. With a love for nature, we grow real lavender, the mother of all herbs, which calms the body and mind and brightens even the most boring day. Stunning real lavender cares
for beautiful skin and relaxes you with its wonderful scent that will help you achieve your inner peace.
From field to product

  True lavenders grow in an idyllic environment on a hill away from the hustle and bustle of Topolšica. In the embrace of nature, we nurture them according to ecological standards, which is also proven by the certificate we obtained for the production of lavender. All work in the field is done by hand, including both harvests (the first in July and the second in September).  The first embryos of the field date back to 2015, when we planted the first 200 lavenders. Today, the fields number about 6,000 shrubs of true lavender. Real lavender is not just a fragrance. It can also be used as an herb or spice, which allows us a wider range of uses.  In addition to essential oil and hydrolate, you can also get dried flowers for tea, spice salt, syrup, liqueurs, ...


  All products are from our own production, so almost all are made in limited quantities. These are unique and original products, both cosmetic and food products, which are specific and special in their taste. Our greatest prides are the essential oil and hydrolate, which is distilled in a fully copper boiler. The boiler is made according to the centuries-old Portuguese tradition of craftsmen and provides a high quality final product.

Relax your life

True lavender contributes to the overall relaxation of your body and mind. If you are overwhelmed and struggling with excessive stress, real lavender is the one that can make it easier for you to cope with it. Our product line offers a wide range of applications, which allows lovers of real lavender to place it in every part of their lives.

With difficult, sensitive and dry skin, carefully made products made of real lavender will restore healthy skin, which will soon become soft, supple and more youthful when using our products. Its active ingredients ensure that the skin is healthier, cleaner and nourished, and due to its anti-aging action, it prevents the formation of new wrinkles.

Viktorija Maze

A passionate advocate of the natural and an enthusiastic herbalist who wants to restore people's confidence in nature and the natural.

As a great artistic soul, she creates rich natural recipes for skin care products and takes care of the graphic image and marketing.


Alen Oderlap

The city boy, attracted to nature, is the driving force behind work in the fields and at harvest organic fields of true lavender. He also transferred his professional discipline to fields, so every time you visit us they are perfectly groomed and the lavenders lined up like soldiers in rows.



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