With love for nature

From field to the product

In idyllic environment, on the hill far away from the city or roads, we grow True Lavender. In the hart od nature, we take care of them by hand and organicly. First 200 flowers were planted in 2015 in the following years we planted some more, and now we have around 6000 grown Lavender bushes. True lavender is a herb and a spice and that is why you can use it for soo many different things. Beside essential oil and hydrosol, we can provide you with dried flowers for tea, lavender syrup, liqueurs, honey,... 

 All products are handwork and they are made in limited editions. They are unique and original natural cosmetics and dietary products. Our biggest pride are essential oil and hydrosol which are distilled in copper alembic that is made by centuries-old tradition from Portugal.

Relax your life

English lavender will relay your body and soul. If you are overloaded and you are dealing with excessive stress, you can relax with English lavender products, that will calm you and help you to concentrate on your everyday challenges. Our line of products enables you to make lavender a part of your life.

Use our skincare products and you will have healthy, clean, young and soft skin.