• Viktorija Maze

Relaxed evenings with a cup of lavender tea

Colder and shorter days call for warmth. To a hot stove, fireplace, or radiator and to good hot tea or hot chocolate. When everything calms down and you need a moment to yourself, a cup of herbal tea is a good choice. I love herbal tea from homegrown organic herbs and there is always some true lavender in it as well.

To prepare quality tea, it is very important how the herbs we use were dried. The active ingredients are best preserved in plants when the plants are harvested in dry and sunny weather. The method of drying also has an important effect on the quality. Rapid drying at high temperatures accelerates the evaporation of substances from the plant and consequently lowers the quality. Drying in a dry, dark, and airy place is the key to top quality, but drying should not take too long as this also affects the quality of the product.


Blue Hill true lavender is dried in a natural way and confirms its quality with a gold award from an international competition, which we are extremely proud of. Blue Hill quality is also trusted by many users and companies who create various desserts and chocolate with lavender.


Okay, now back to making tea. Melissa (Melissa Officinalis) suits me best with true lavender (Lavandula angustifolia). Because true lavender has a mild citrus scent, it goes perfectly with the lemon aroma of melissa. Top-notch, however, they also catch on in their effects. Both plants are soothing and relaxing. Therefore, this combination is best in the evenings when you want to relax and calm down and sleep is also better.

Why do I emphasize true lavender so much? If you follow us for at least a week, you know that there are several different lavenders that are incredibly different in their performance. They look almost the same, but they are very different. True lavender is one that is soothing and suitable for consumption. I do not recommend eating other types (lavender hybrid is most often found in desserts). In addition to being extremely unpleasant and pungent, they also irritate the stomach and invigorate. Relaxation and lavender hybrid do not go together. You can read more about this in past posts.

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