• Viktorija Maze

Spring is waking up, what about you?

Spring always fills us with new, fresh energy, giving us the impetus for new challenges and new goals. As much as I look forward to winter every autumn, I get tired of it in February and can't wait for the pleasant temperatures of spring. The power of the sun and the green color that floods the countryside in spring, and the beautiful flowers of the fruit trees. ..magic. All this gives me an inner sense of satisfaction.

During these months, I always prepare the plans for the upcoming season. I always have a lot of ideas and I admit, not everything is immediately feasible, but it's in the plan for next year. I'm still waiting for Corona to release us from its clutches so that you can come to the Blue Hill Lavender Festival, as under the current conditions we can only accommodate a small number of visitors, so advance booking is essential for any visit.

In the coming months, we will also be launching a number of new products that have been in the pipelines in last year, and a few that have found their way into our offer spontaneously, thanks to your wishes.

In the coming month, we will be introducing two new products that we have been working on since last year, and you will find out what they are for very soon. For the new chapter of BlueHill, this year I also planted a brand new rose and herb garden, where nature's most beautiful flowers grow. You'll find out why soon enough.

I bought the herb seedlings from the Hops Institute in Žalec, which has a really wide range of organic seedlings, and some of the seeds are home-grown, and some are bought organic. We do this not for the certificate, but because it is the right thing does not to do. Organic farming doesnot put a strain on nature, works sustainably, and promotes its diversity. Support local organic producers support those who care about our nature.

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