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Working with nature for nature: Love at first harvest

The blooming lavender field is for me the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life. When Alen and I finished our first plantation in 2016, it seemed huge to us (it's 10 Ar and it doesn't seem so big to us today: D), but already in the fall, we decided to start another field on a larger meadow and in the following year we already had 3000 bushes of true lavender. The first field still has consequences due to expansions today, as we cut the seedlings heavily to get enough cuttings for a new plantation. The year 2017 was extremely dry, so after we transplanted the seedlings into the field, we had to water the plantation every week. We waited until it was almost dark and watered the little seedlings that struggled to survive in these conditions between 9 pm and 10 pm. Lavenders survived and grew into beautiful shrubs.

The fact that lavender has excellent conditions for its success in our country is also shown by the fact that every year a few of them are planted in the vicinity of the plantation. If lavender can germinate in our country without our help, how beautiful it can grow with our help. Cuttings are prepared in the spring from young shoots. It is important to pick the cuttings from the most beautiful plants, as this ensures that the new plants will also grow nicely. Rooting takes approx. 1 month, and in a pot, it is best if they can stay until autumn. We usually plant them outdoors in June. The plantation consists of 4 varieties of true lavender: Hitcote Blue and Imperial gem bloom dark purple (when the flowers dry they are beautiful dark blue colors), and Munstead and Vera (light purple). When they bloom, shades of purple overflow and create an unforgettable panorama, which you can also see in June.

Ta svetlo vijolična sivka ima izrazito citrusni vonj, ki se lepo poda jedem.
Lavandula Angustifolia Munstead

Today, the plantation counts almost 6,000 bushes of true lavender, which we grow according to ecological standards. Caring for the environment is an important value that permeates our entire work, which is why we also pack our products in recyclable glass packaging and wrap the soaps in the paper. The only plastic part is the spray, for which we have not yet found a better alternative, but we allow you to use it several times by buying 500 ml or 1 l of refill instead of 100 ml bottles, which you add to the spray bottle.

Where do you get Blue Hill premium products?

All products are available in our online store, certain products are available in natural stores in Slovenia (you can find the list of stores on the Blue Hill website), and BIO true lavender hydrolat is also available in all Lidl stores as part of Lidl's lojtr'ca domačih across Slovenia.

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