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Lavender in food

True lavender as spice and herb

True lavender can also be a great addition to your meals and drinks. Hand-made fieldwork and naturally harvested lavender flowers from our fields will present your dishes with a new, pleasant taste that will delight you and your guests.


Dried flowers for culinary use

Use it to make tee or add it in deserts or on meat. It works great in cakes, pancakes and many other deserts.




This is a tasty nonalcoholic fresh drink. English/ true lavender and lemon create special aroma that is great for hot summer days. You can also use it in your desserts and cocktails.



with lavender

Slovenia is well known for its great honey. We use Slovenian flower honey and add lavender flowers inside. This way we get great lavender aroma.

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Make yourself a tea

What do we need?

Blue Hill dried flowers

boiling water


Take one teaspoon of lavender flowers and put it in a cup. Boil 200ml of water and pour it over the flowers. Leave it for 5 minutes and strain it. Your tea is ready.

True lavender hydrosol

Hydrosol can also be used as an additive to lemonade. One or two tablespoons of hydrosol are added to the jug of lemonade, and the drink can be further enhanced with a few flowers of true lavender. When consumed alone (preferably in the morning on an empty stomach 2cl), it can help regulate blood pressure, calm the heart rate, lower blood fats and regulate sugar in the initial stages of type 2 diabetes. it reduces appetite.

Lavender syrup


To prepare a beverage:

Pour approx. 2 cl lavender syrup and mix with 200ml cold water.

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