English lavender hydrosol has very wide range of use. It is great for any skin type. You can use it as a tonic, you can spray it on any itching parts and it would release it, it has light cooling effect soo you can use it in hot summer days. Use it as after sun care, because it hidrates the skin. You can use it on your hair too....


Lavender (Lavandula augustifolia) hydrosol will calm, soothe and can be used on damaged or fragile skin, used as a make-up remover and misted on the face during the day in dry climates or environments. It's also great in the car and in offices as a refreshing room spray. Use it as a helpful treat for children, to clean babies bottom, add to an infant's bath water, use to calm cranky tantrums, as a little girl's perfume or sprayed around the bed at night. Have an anxious or aging pet? Wonderful to assist sleep and reduce anxious/nervousness.

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Lavender Hydrosol 1000ml

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